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IBA New IBA Synthera launch


The Synthera, 3 times more compact. We show this in a creative way!

  • The challenge

The international specialist in cancer-curing proton therapy IBA asked us to develop a DM to support the launch of their new Synthera, a device designed to detect cancerous cells. The targets were cancer doctors all around the world. The ultimate goal was to promote Synthera’s performances and small dimensions (3x faster and 3x smaller than competing devices).

  • Our approach

We made it simple and easy: alongside a traditional mailing, the DM’s main asset was a life-size, self-unfolding Synthera box. Doctors could actually place this in their hot cells to see how small the device really is.
To contrast with the seriousness of the targets’ environment and to catch their attention, we then made it fun. The whole package looks like it came from a famous Swedish furniture brand.
The slogan underlines that reference, “The Swedes are not the only ones that are efficient with small spaces!” It was also a subtle reference to IBA’s competitors who happen to be… Swedish.

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