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GENERALI e-mail recruitment campaign


E-partners programme

Currently, 85 % of people looking for their home or car insurance first check Google to get information. Based on these figures, Generali created an e-partners programme that enables brokers to benefit from the mother brand’s SEA and SEO web indexing so as to optimise their sales approach.

  • The challenge
To get the brokers to subscribe to the e-partners programme and highlight the benefits of excellent indexing.
  • Our approach
To present the tool to brokers, we launched an e-mail campaign in two steps:
1st step – show their lack of visbility at the top of search engines
2nd step – present the programme, showing its effectiveness in getting close to online clients
  • Results
63% of the contacted brokers became members of the e-partners programme and are now optimising their web indexing in search engines!

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Open: 65% in the teasing and 58% for the second wave